Welcome to FWC where TwiFans come for a challenge! Looking for a contest to enter? Want to promote your winners? Look no further! We help broaden the horizons of new and experienced TwiFic authors alike by offering you the chance to enter different contests (therefore different story ideas) to help bring you out of your comfort zone, or simply help get you started as an author.

About The Judges

Geek Alert! Look out fandom, Le Crepuscule is a self professed, proud member of the Geek community. She lives in California, is a nerdy 20 year old University student, is an author on FFn, and entirely too pervy for her own good. She finds humor in the most inane places and loves to chat too much. She's a sweetheart and extremely gullible. You have been warned!

Also apart of the The TwiGirls Next Door and TwiFic News.

23 year old. I live in Spain. Spend my free time fooling around the fandom whenever the weather isn't sunny, if it is, then you'll probably see me hanging at the beach. Some people think I don't sleep, that I'm a vampire, because I'm always working. The thing is I need to keep my hands on something, not like that, you perv! I need to be doing something around the fandom (writing, pre-reading, betaing, making banner/blinkies...) but, hey, in any case I'm a werewolf. The vamps are okay, but the wolfpack just rules.

Proud member of the Jacob Black and Pack Site

I live in a tiny little village in the middle of England which has a large population of old people ;) I'm eighteen, and would prefer to stay that way, too. Married? Yes. Me and Asus, my laptop, have been married for just under three years now. Don't tell him, or anything, but I'm secretly having an affair with photoshop. I'm sneaky like that, you see :P

I'm a mom of two that got into Twilight randomly after Breaking Dawn was released. I wanted more of the series and first found the unfinished Midnight Sun, then somehow came across FFn.... Lurked for months before posting my first fic. Haven't been the same since.

Well, first thing's first, my name is Tasha and I'm a 20 year old from London, England. At the moment I'm at University studying History and it is a MASSIVE amount of work but I wouldn't change it for anything! I like Reading. Writing. Chocolate. Lucozade. Coffee. Sun. Being Warm. And various other things.

Single. Student. Not a crime fighting clown, although I think Batman is pretty hot lmao! I'm just a small town girl with too much time on her hands. I love to read, write, and twitter is my second home lol.

Co-founder of the The Twi-Fic Bitches.

I'm a married mom of four boys (I'm still hoping I have a girl someday) who lives in the Pacific Northwest. I won't say how old I am because I recently crossed that line where you stop telling people how old you are. I'm very involved with my boys' extracurricular activities and enjoy being able to stay home with them every day. I love to bake, cook, read, scrapbook, craft, paint, draw, and sew... unfortunately all these hobbies, kind of took to the back burner when I found fanfiction and discovered I'm a mediocre writer, and for some reason people enjoy reading what I write...I'm still trying to understand it myself. I've been accused of being a vampire by many because I don't sleep lol. Oh, and I have a sad obsession with the words lol, idk, ikr, haha, honestly, and completely.

Self-proclaimed review h00r for TwificReviews.

There are many ways to get in touch with each of us individually listed above, however if you'd like to get in contact with with the blog then e-mail us at: FanfictionWritingChallenges@yahoo.com

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