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Starting A Contest

Many people have ideas for a contest, and want to know how to start one, but are lost when it comes to getting started. What this list does is help point you in the right direction.
**Please note that this information is based off of what we know/ do and others may go about the process in a different way**

1. Figure out the idea for your contest.
Simple, right? Well you're sort of right. You need to make sure that you know just how far your idea goes. Are there only a certain pairing(s) you want? Certain words/ scenes you want incorporated? Is it going to be a vague prompt that allows the imaginations of the author(s) signing up free reign? Are there picture/ video prompts you want to include?

2. Come up with the rules.
Now I'll admit, when I started my first contest I browsed the rules for several other contests that were going on/ had gone on, and saw what they did for this. Some of the rules I used and others I decided to veto. Here's some things to think about!
  • Length
  • Rating
  • Pairing(s)
  • Site(s) participants post on (Anonymous or not?)
  • Anything you do not want to read about?
  • How many entries per person?
  • Collaborations allowed?
  • If the entry was written before the starting date, will it be allowed?
  • Voting
3. Here are some rules we use, no matter the contest!
  • Entries should not be continued until the duration of the contest is complete.
  • NO abuse/incest/pedophilia/bestiality, etc. Submissions will be banned at the discretion of the monitors.
  • No actual scenes of rape or sexual assault may be featured. However, if you wish to have a character recovering from/ having been assaulted in their past, it is acceptable.
  • If you have any questions please direct them to (we add our e-mail here)
4. Are you going to use a header?
A header is this:
Contest Name
Rating/ Disclaimer:
To see all the stories that are a part of this contest please visit:
Contest Link (if on Fanfiction.net be sure to put spaces in between lest they don't show up)
Are you going to require one? We do. Why?
Because it allows us to see all of the information up front, as well as the readers. It's important they know, since they're the people who will be voting (unless, of course, you won't be doing a public vote). In addition, the link helps direct everyone reading/ interested in entering where to find the contest for the rest of the entries/ rules.

5. What site are you going to use?
Many people, usually most, use Fanfiction.net, but some prefer to use other methods like Blogger.com. If you have a site already set up in the fandom then you may want to just set up a post on that site.

6. Prizes
Most contests offer to have a banner made for the winners. Whether they're personalized via pictures representing the winning story or just a uniform banner representing the contest with the winners info on it is up to you. Another thing some do is offer actual prizes that are mailed (if needed, unless it's an online thing) to the winner.

7. Spread the word!
Like our site, many established Fandom sites offer to post info about your contest.
A couple you should consider are here:

I really hope this helps you get started! Let me know via e-mail at fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com if there are any questions you still have. We just might have the answer for you. Good Luck!!

Current Contests & Awards

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