Welcome to FWC where TwiFans come for a challenge! Looking for a contest to enter? Want to promote your winners? Look no further! We help broaden the horizons of new and experienced TwiFic authors alike by offering you the chance to enter different contests (therefore different story ideas) to help bring you out of your comfort zone, or simply help get you started as an author.


1. How do I enter a contest hosted by FWC?
That's simple! All you have to do is fill out our Contest Entry Form It is also located in the right hand sidebar (over there--->) for future use.

2. Is there a specific site I need to post to when entering a contest you run?
No, you can post anywhere as long as we can read it, you're good.

3. It says to provide a link on the Contest Entry Form, but I'm still waiting on the site to approve my entry.
If you can't post on any other site and provide that link by the deadline, then e-mail us at fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com letting us know and we'll work something out.

4. The Contest Entry Form says to provide a Twitter, why? Is it required?
No, it's not required! We simply ask that because we make sure to follow you, list you under the contest you entered (so people can see other authors who have participated as well in that category), and mention your story entry with a link to your Twitter. We don't hold it against you if you don't have one ;)

5. Why do we use a header?
It allows us to see all of the information up front, as well as the readers. It's important they know, since they're the people who will be voting (unless, of course, there isn't a public vote). In addition, the link helps direct everyone reading/ interested in entering where to find the contest for the rest of the entries/ rules.

6. Does my entry need to be beta'd?
It isn't a requirement, but we do prefer to have good quality stories entered. It is a contest, after all. If you would like to have one, but don't know where to find one you can always contact Project Team Beta or Emergency Beta Service to see if they're willing to help.

7. How do we vote for a contest FWC is running?
When the date of the voting begins we will make a post announcing it, and provide the link. In addition, you will be able to find it underneath the word 'Welcome' at the top of the page.

8. How can I get in contact with your site?
Our e-mail address is fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com feel free to contact us here or via one of our media sites (i.e. Twitter or Facebook).

9. I want to have a contest/ award I know of/ am running listed on your sidebar. How do I do that?
Just fill out our Fandom Contest Form and we'll add it. In addition, when your contest ends, e-mail us at fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com with the information/banners on your winners, and we will post them on our site.

10. I entered a contest to be listed on the sidebar but the information is wrong/ was changed. What should I do?
Just fill out our Fandom Contest Form again and the ladies will fix it up for you. If there's something else of this nature feel free to e-mail us at fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com.

11. What is the purpose of FWC?
The purpose of our site is to help those interested in writing anyway we can. If someone wants to write a Twilight Fic but doesn't know what to write about, entering a contest is a great way to start. For the more seasoned author, this may be a way to help challenge yourself, and broaden your horizons. If you've been stuck, or out of luck with writing and need a way to help get the kinks out, then writing a different story is a good way to get the creative juices flowing again, hopefully so you can get back in the game.

12. I love the graphics on your site! Who makes them?
Thank you! We love that you love them. The person held responsible for the lovely graphics on our site is our very own (as I like to refer to her) Official Graphic Extraordinaire! Her name is FrozenSoldier and we love her and her super talents greatly. The person responsible for our site's template/ layout however, is TwiFic Pics' very own m81170.

13. How do I become an affiliate?
Just fill out our Affiliation Form and add our info to your site. We will be sending you an e-mail shortly after.

14. Are there any benefits to affiliating with your site?
Yes! As our affiliate, we post your button in our 'Blogs We Love' section at the top of our sidebar (over there --->), however, if you ever have something you need us to post, or a contest going on that you want us to help spread the word about especially, then let us know! We're happy to help out! On another note, as an affiliate we have it set to post on our Twitter account (if possible, depending on the site), to mention when you post on yours! So let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you out!

15. You did a contest where you paired up with another site. How could our site do the same with you?
We absolutely LOVE TwiFic Pics and all of the love they have given us. If you're interested in doing a collaboration challenge then feel free to e-mail us at fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com with all of the details. We should respond back to you shortly!

16. I have a contest idea, but don't know where to start.
Now this one is a multi-answer type thing.

If you want help starting your own contest, visit our Starting A Contest page to help get you pointed in the right direction.

If you don't want to run the contest, and just have an idea for one, then fill out our Contest Suggestion Form. We may or may not use the idea, depending on if it's been used before, we have the time, or if we have enough judges willing to read those entries.

17. I entered a suggestion for a contest, but don't want to run it. Can I still participate in it?

18. I have a question that's not on this list. What can I do?
Feel free to e-mail us at fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com or via one of our media sites (i.e. Twitter or Facebook).

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