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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Not What It Seems Contest

Hello everyone! Welcome back for another writing challenge. This month we'd like to challenge your minds, and with the agreement of our previous challenge winner (Kris Salvador) our theme will be illusions!

What this means:
-Perhaps it's literal and there are magicians and magic tricks involved.
-Maybe there's a character that turns out to be a fraud.
-You could even write a story that has a completely shocking ending.

In short... illusions!

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-Minimum of 2,000 words (Without Author's notes).
-Maximum of 15,000.
-Stories can be written in any POV (or a specific character's POV).
-Collaborations are allowed.
-No more than 2 entries per person.
-Lemons are not required, although they are acceptable.
-Slash (of any sort) is accepted.
-Previously written One-shots are not allowed.
-Entries should not be continued until the duration of the contest is complete.
-We will post your story links on the FWC, and you have time until Friday April 8, 2011 11:59 PM PST, to enter your entry.
-NO abuse/incest/pedophilia/bestiality, etc. Submissions will be banned at the discretion of the monitors.
-No actual scenes of rape, incest or sexual assault may be featured. However, if you wish to have a character recovering from or having been assaulted in their past, it is acceptable.
-We reserve the right to add and/or change these rules at any time.
-To submit your entry simply fill out our CONTEST ENTRY FORM in the right hand column (over there -->).
-If you have any questions please direct them to fanfictionwritingchallenges@yahoo.com.

Entries should contain this header in the O/s:

Not What It Seems Contest
Rating/ Disclaimer:
To see all the stories that are a part of this contest please visit:
www .fanfiction-challenges. blogspot. com

Now the prizes

Winners will receive a personalized banner (created by the amazing FrozenSoldier), bragging rights, story promotion, as well as the opportunity to pick out the next theme for our contest!!

PUBLIC VOTING for the One-shot entries will be determined through a poll on the FWC on Sunday April 10, 2011- Sunday April 17, 2011 to determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Our panel of judges will also critique the one-shot submissions to provide any additional awards. (Number of winners will be determined based off of the number of entries) Winners will be announced Monday April 25, 2011.

Happy Writing Everyone! Please help us to spread the word!

Much love,

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Contest Entries:

1. A Walk In The Park by Lvtwilight09
Rated: T
Summary: Although they are no longer together, Edward and Bella still spend every Saturday in the park together with their daughter. Is their time together just another walk in the park or something all together different?

2. Beautiful by Kimmydonn
Rated: M
Summary: She wants to feel beautiful, she wants to feel love. She really wants to get laid. None of these come easily for her.

3. His Eyes Were Hers by vegetarianvamps
Rated: T
Summary: From the moment they met, their eyes, their shared smile, it had always been enough. She’d offered her hand, he’d taken it and they left together, their future was set. They would always be together.

4. Reality Check by CaraNo
Rated: M
Summary: Bella's a successful author, and her beloved Edward's there, too, of course. In every step of the way. One way or another.

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3 Thoughts:

Alice said...

Are you sure our header should be for the "Pick A Pic Challenge"? Just thought I'd point that out there if it causes confusion...

Le Crepuscule said...

OH, *snort* forgot about that! Thanks hun!!

Alice said...

lol, no problem. :P

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