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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fandom Awards- The Emerging Swan Awards

From Twific Reviews:
The Emerging Swan Awards’ mission is to bring recognition and acclaim to all those little stories that could.  The ones you fall in love with and can’t figure out why people haven’t discovered them yet.  We’re hoping to bring them the kind of attention and love you think they deserve.

We have two rounds for nomination - One-shots, Short Stories and Full Length Fics: WIP and Completed.  Each group will have its own initial round of voting, followed by one for all the finalists. Check out the descriptions below to see where your favorite underappreciated fic fits.

There are plenty of categories, so check them out and start compiling your list of nominees.  The nomination forms and links will be available in early August.   Be sure to read the rules before you nominate to make sure your favorites meet the necessary criteria. 

We’re looking forward to finding some undiscovered gems.

You can follow us on Twitter at @EmergingSwanAwd or if you have any questions, comments or would like to volunteer to be part of our validation team, e-mail us at EmergingSwan@gmail.com.

Story Types
     One-Shot - Completed (Under 50 reviews)
     Short Story - A completed story between 2 and 10 chapters long (Under 200 reviews or has an average of 30 reviews or less per chapter.)
     Full Length Fics
     WIP - Must have at least 6 chapters to be nom’d. (Under 500 reviews or has an average of 30 reviews or less per chapter)
     Completed - Must be over 10 chapters to be nom’d. (Under 500 reviews or has an average of 30 reviews or less per chapter)
     Newbie Author Award - for excellence in writing - has only been writing fanfic for the last 12 months and has an average of 50 reviews or less per chapter/one-shot written.
     Oldie But a Goodie Author Award - for excellence in writing - has posted stories for longer than 12 months, yet has an average of 50 reviews or less per chapter/one-shot written.

Character and Pairing Categories
     Best Edward /Bella
     Best Jake / Bella
     Best Cullen Lovin’ (canon and non.(voting split) Excluding E/B)
     Best Vamp Volturi / Nomad / Non-Cullen (any pairing)
     Best Running with the Wolves (Canon & Non, (voting split) excluding Bella/Jake)
     Best Slash/Femslash/Threesome/etc. (any pairing)
     Best Stephanie Meyer Human: aka - Mike, Jessica, Charlie, etc. (any pairing)
     Best Original Character (no SM characters allowed)

Genre Awards
     Best Romance (any pairing)
     Best Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort (any pairing)
     Best Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror/Spiritual/Sci/Fi (any pairing)
     Best Humor (any pairing)
     Best Crossover (any pairing)
     Best Adventure/Mystery/Crime/ Western/ Historical (any pairing)
     Best Family/Friendship (any pairing)

Validation Criteria
Story must have been completed or updated within the last 12 months
Must meet these review guidelines
     The review count is based on the date on which the story is nominated.
     Stories that post on multiple sites will be validated by the highest review count. Therefore a story with 100 reviews on Twilighted but 1000 on fanfiction.net is not eligible for nomination.
     Any nominations in violation of these rules will be disqualified.

A story will be ineligible if there are significant grammar/punctuation/spelling mistakes.

Stories that are nominated for multiple categories will be validated to see where it fits best.  Any story nominated in more than two different categories is under the discretion of the validation team. No story will be up for voting in more than two categories per round.

Story Authors CAN nominate their own stories, however they may only nominate ONE of their own stories per nomination round. If this rule is ignored and more than one story is nominated by its author, both of them will be disqualified. The validation team will NOT be choosing which story should be included, so please only nominate one of your stories per round.

The host’s stories are eligible for nomination should someone choose to nominate them.  Someone other than the author will validate that the story meets the qualifications of the contest.  Because this will be voted on by the public, host stories will be allowed.

Please do not nominate a story that has previously won a notable award within the fandom.  We are really looking for the stories that are under the radar, giving these up and coming authors and stories some notice.  This will be part of the validation process and will be disqualified if they have won another prestigious fandom award.  If the story was nominated but did not win, it would still be considered eligible.

Finalists will be selected by the top 5 vote recipients in each category.  If there are less than 5 initial nominees in the first round of voting, the hosts of the contest will determine the number of finalists put up for vote.   In the event of a tie, all nominees that are tied (while still being within the top 5 vote getters) will be entered into the final round of voting.

Winners will receive not only bragging rights, but a lovely banner made by the fabulous christag_banner and a spotlight review on Twific Review’s blog.

*Please contact us at EmergingSwan@gmail.com if you are interested in helping validate stories for these awards.

**The contest hosts reserve the right to disqualify any story/author not falling within the validation criteria, and to alter the contest in any manner they see fit. Any changes will be noted prior to the voting rounds.

2011 Timeline:
One-Shot, Short Story & Newbie Author
August 1-15 nominations open
August 16-21 - validation period
August 22-29 first round voting

Full length Complete, WIP & Oldie But a Goodie Author
August 16-22 nominations open
August 23-28 validation period
August 29-Sep 5 first round voting

September 7 Finalists posted
September 9th-16th Final voting
September 19th-Winners Announced 

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