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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspirations- Mix It Up

Introducing our new 'Inspirations' post!! We've been so excited to implement this feature to our site- we're hoping that it will help inspire authors to write. Now whether that's to be an entry in one of our contests, a different one, or just in general is completely up to you! Typically there will be an assortment of photos, videos, and words (quotes, sayings, etc.) that may or may not have anything to do with the contest we're running. This week since it's our first post (and it fits the theme of our Mix It Up Contest) we partnered up with TwiFic Pics and all of the amazing graphic makers there to come up with pictures of different Manips.

While looking through the pictures, keep in mind the idea for our current contest. Maybe you'll be inspired to enter?
Contest Theme:
A trait exchange, or a personality swap! What if your least favorite character had the personality of the one you loved, and vice versa?
For instance: (only suggestions)
Edward - with his southern drawl and history in the army.
Rosalie- the goofy, lovable character.
Emmett - the pianist loving Debussy.
Carlisle - the hyper, shopping obsessed psychic.
Bella - with her green eyes and broody personality.
Esme- the doctor.
Keep in mind that the personality swap can be someone other than the main character(s) ;)
For more info. CLICK HERE

**To see a larger version of the pictures simply click on them to view the original size!**

The following Manip(s) have generously been provided by:

-The Amazing vbfb1-

-The Marvelous Mkystich-

-The Awesome anniegirl27-

-The Talented Nanadb-

- The Nerdy Le Crepuscule-

-The Beautiful Stephycats7785-

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to offer their work. All of these look FANTASTIC! I hope this helps inspire you to write. I know they did for me ;)

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